The Protagonist

I feel guilty for caving into this very much overdone model of a typical teenage boy that becomes the “chosen one” of some sort and uses his newly discovered powers to save mankind. But hey. Give me a break. This is my first attempt at a novel so I might as well us model that has proven to work. Depending on how I feel, maybe I’ll even throw in a best friend trio with some love interests thrown in the mix.

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Books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson have flooded the market targeting young adults with its superficial content of fantasy worlds and magic. I like to rag on them but it’s a love-hate relationship. It’s like that song that you absolutely hate but can’t help but tap your feet to. But I understand where the popularity comes from. The characters are relatable in the fact that they too are teenagers, so readers are able to imagine themselves in a much cooler world. It’s also no coincidence that both of these popular series incorporates the “real world” into its fantasy world, adding to the effect that there just might be something more on the other side that we just don’t know about. It’s an interesting thought that entices a bulk of today’s young readers.

The inner conflict that my protagonist struggles with will be the responsibility that he must face with  the power and knowledge he now has. And if you go to my previous post “The Antagonist” you can read all about who John Sonner will be pitted against. I’m interested myself in how John will turn out. I’m just hoping he won’t be an exact replica of the before mentioned characters.


4 thoughts on “The Protagonist

  1. While I do not meant to dictate the writing of your novel, a possible way to ensure originality may be to have the main character be different from the hero of the story. However, it is true that the idea of having the hero’s best friend tell the story has already been done many times (for example in Sherlock Holmes). An interesting idea would be to have the love interest of the hero be the main character.

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