I have been debating on whether to use a third person POV, like in Harry Potter, or a first person POV, like in Percy Jackson. If you guys haven’t noticed yet I’ll be making frequent references to those two books. I want my little novel to emulate the style, genre, and overall “feel” of the books, but at the same time, I fear for my life that I’ll rip them off big time. That’s not my intent though. I’m not planning on copy and pasting my content into a cozy template, but rather to incorporate my own unique jazz to the whole thing with an original plot.

Here are the pros and cons I’ve been considering between the two:

I think writing in 1st person would be the easy way out. It can be extremely personable and relatable in a way that directly invites the reader into this fantastical world.

However I wouldn’t have as much room for the artsy imagery that I’m so fond of like I would with 3rd person. Perhaps the protagonist wouldn’t “talk” so much with the reader but the descriptive language would immerse the reader into the world of John Sonner.

As of now though I’m leaning towards 3rd person and have actually started to write in it. I’ll just have to see where it takes me.


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