Green Eggs and Hamlet

Just one chapter in, and I’m suffering some mild writer’s block. I feel like I’m chasing a plot without a map. Just running around looking for any clues. Unfortunately I’m not much of a sleuth. I have so many ideas floating around though. Now I just need a net to catch them all. Maybe even get a scrapbook with cute, artsy paper to put them in. I’m sorry. Sometimes I get carried away with cheesy analogies. I hope none of you are lactose intolerant. Ok that was the last pun. It was a Gouda one though wasn’t it.
Anyway, although I didn’t get much writing done, I did finish up Hamlet. It got me wondering what about Shakespeare’s work made it so entertaining. The supernatural aspect of King Hamlet’s death made it edgy. Murders are always interesting. The play started and ending with murder with Polonius’ sprinkled into the mix. But I think what really hooked people was the life he endowed his characters with. Pure emotion poured from their raw personalities. I hope to make my own characters just as rich and dynamic. A great plot can’t go anywhere if they are no great characters to drive it forward. I  imagine it like pasting some stick figures onto the masterpiece that is the Island of La Grande Jatte. The landscape and scenery is all there, but it most be given life, depth, personality by interesting characters.



Post-Thanksgiving Recovery

Thanksgiving this year was probably my biggest and most exhausting. Catching Fire was good, but it was a pretty big let down considering all the hype from my friends. I got some work down for the music video (my little pet project for my English class). My parents got a record high flood of passengers at their work (about 1,200 people or 24 buses worth). The turkey dinner was amazing. I gorged on that fatty skin with absolutely no regard for my cholesterol levels. I got to get my first run of the season up in Mt. High. The snow was thin and iced, but it was still fun.  It was my baby Vanessa’s first ride and I rode her throw a thawed out patch of pebbles. Vanessa is my snowboard by the way and yes, I name my inanimate possessions. That’s just how I roll (or slide – bah dum tss). I’m sorry but when I write informally, I go nuts with the parentheses (I’m cool like that).


Anyway, the food coma I was in didn’t pair up well with the lactic acid from the trip so I spent the rest of my break immobilized with soreness. And when Sunday came around, I was not ready. At all. I have come to realize how bad of a planner I am. But oh did it hit me hard this time. Now I’m going to have to crank this whole week to catch up. It made me think about the invaluable benefits of something I had to do for my project: map out dates and key events that I planned to have done by then. If I am really expecting to get this novel done by the end of the year, I’m going to have to get my planning game in order.

I really appreciate the feedback I got for my first chapter: “Coming with the Clouds” and I’m glad you guys liked it. Looking forward to the next chapter! If all goes well, I’ll have it out for you by next Tuesday.