I’m a high school student who’s always loved writing. I’ve never taken it very seriously, and I don’t really plan on it either. To me writing is the release of pent-up creativity and inspiration. You should never have to force it.


I’ve had an extensive Christian upbringing and so this “book”  will very loosely parallel that of the Bible’s Revelation. The title Twenty2 Chapters is an allusion itself and hints at the theme of the world coming to an end in a metaphorical sense of course.However, creativity needs to be practiced for it to grow. This blog is my endeavor to expand what I can do with writing. So far I’ve stuck with either short stories or dainty, little poems, but I have a good feeling about this. The blog will serve to collect the many thoughts I’ll be developing and hopefully in the end I’ll be able to piece together the mess. Organization has never been my forté though.

The blog itself will basically be a split up book so it won’t really give me a chance to interact with the (few) viewers I have. But I would love the chance to talk with anyone willing to exchange ideas with me. To do this I’ve set out a page titled “Chapter 23” (a lame play on the title). It’ll be a sort of post-commentary where I hope to be able to interact with my audience.

Soli Deo gloria


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